2021-2022 Mo Porter band dates :

Fri Oct 1st Gin Mill 8pm
Sat Oct 2nd Doors Tribute/Sportsmans
Thurs Oct 7th Sorrintinos 6-9pm
Sat Oct 9th EBC Octfest 3-7pm

Sat Oct 16th Raintree Bar 1pm
Sat Oct 30th The Cove 7-8:30 pm 
Fri Nov 12th THe Cove 7-10pm
Fri Nov 19th Aloha Krab 8-11 ( Galleria Mall)

Sat Nov 20th Gin Mill 8pm
Sat Dec 4th Raintree Bar 1-4pm
Fri EBC 11 th Wedding DJ Mo
Fri Dec 17th Critchen 7-10pm 
Sat Dec 18th Gin Mill 8pm
Sat Jan 15th Gin Mill 8pm
Sat Jan 29th Brownies 8-11pm
Sat Feb 5th Raintree bar 1-4pm
Fri Feb 18th Rockin Buffalo 9pm
Sat Feb 26th Gin Mill 8pm 
Sunday March 6th Vafiety Club Tel 11am
Saturday March 12th Holiday Valley 3-6pm Yodeler Lodge 
Sat March 26th Raintree bar 1-4pm
Saturday March 9th Broadway Hotel (NT) 4pm-7pm
Sat April 30th Raintree bar 1-4pm 
Saturday June 4th Doors tribute at Sportsmans Tavern 8pm-11
Saturday June 18th Doors tribute at Chicks Angola 7pm-10
Sunday June 26th River Grill 8pm
Thursday July 7th Sorrintinos on Main 6pm-9